Who We Are

We’ll let you decide!

Many companies describe “who we are” with great fanfare and superlatives. At Global Databank (GDB), we believe that trust and reputation are built on our company’s inherent qualities – not through marketing hype. Instead, our efforts are focused on the development of our products and services. We leave it to our users to define “who we are” through their own personal experience.

We see GDB changing alongside the rapid developments in today’s era of the Internet. We strive to continuously improve the quality of our data privacy protection services, to meet the needs of our customers, making us a trusted partner to our users.

Global DataBank Group Inc., was incorporated in the Cayman Islands in 2015 by Singapore Development Holdings Limited.

What We Do?

Today, digitization has grown to be an integral part of our society. However, where has all the digitised data that we have generated gone to? Who owns and controls our data? What are our digital data privacy and protection rights? Who manages our digital assets? What digital footprints have we left online? To address these issues and the grey areas of internet data exploitation, GDB has launched:

  1. Data Protection Services

    GDB has developed the world’s first data protection platform where users have complete control of their data. Our custom designed hardware and paid services combine GreyNet secure VPN, instant encrypted communication, intelligent data collation and encrypted file access to give users full control over their own data privacy – protecting personal information from prying eyes, and protecting precious family memories for future generations to come.

  2. Digital asset trust

    GDB’s Digital Asset Trust platform is built on “blockchain” technology to create a direct processing system for digital assets. The platform brings together professional services from lawyers, accountants, insurers and financial institutions to provide users with one-stop service for digital assets settlement, mortgages, digital asset and legacy allocation, notary, implementation and other services.

  3. Software Vulnerability Exchange

    GDB is proud to introduce the world's first software vulnerability exchange built on "blockchain"" technology. The services that GDB provides include: software vulnerability assessment, identity verification, transparent trading, anonymous transactions, settlement, mortgages, allocations, implementation and more. The Software Vulnerability Exchange service commercializes software security vulnerabilities by introducing a completely new paradigm. Developers are able to put their software through rigorous security testing and patch any weaknesses before launching new software into the actual production environment.

Company Vision

Contributing to the future of Internet security!

Company Structure

Global Databank Holdings Limited wholly owns:

  • Global DataBank (USA), LLC
  • Global DataBank (UK) Ltd
  • Global DataBank (Switzerland) SA
  • Global DataBank (H.K.) Limited
  • Global DataBank (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Global Databank will launch its global services on 28 January 2017!

Build your career with Global Databank

Global Databank is dedicated to protecting data privacy and in contributing to the development of the Internet.

We provide opportunities for ambitious and motivated individuals to create their own personal value – and are always seeking passionate, creative and talented individuals to join our team.

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