Our Security Advice

To enhance overall security, GDB advises users to follow the "UPDATE"" principle when using computers and smart phones.

Update Frequently - Switch on GreyApp's auto update mode for the latest security patches and ensure you’re running up-to-date software.

Passwords - Choose passwords of least 20 characters in length, with both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Download - Always download software from secure official websites, and avoid installing free software

Administrator's access authority - Exercise caution when using the administrator account

Turn Off - Switch off PCs and smart phones when not in use

Encrypt - Encrypt your private data, personal information, banking information and hard drives

Security Model

Security is built on the foundations of a business model that values user’s data protection. Many online businesses lure users with free Internet services in exchange for users’ personal data, subsequently selling this data to make a profit or for data mining purposes. These business models rely on data being stored in an open format for subsequent analysis – while at the same time offering back door access for government authorities and regulators. Unencrypted data is such an attractive target for cyber criminals that these business models can never guarantee the security and privacy of their users’ data and personal information.

Instead, GDB focuses on protection of user data and privacy. We offer a paid service that allows users to regain control over their personal data. The core principle of our business model is to preserve our users’ privacy. Our system is designed such that it is impossible for even GDB to access unencrypted customer data. With distributed storage across multiple locations, our data centers have no back door access – giving you the peace of mind that comes with full data security.

Security System

Our users’ privacy is our top priority. Addressing the “grey areas” of Internet communication and the vulnerabilities of cloud data storage, GDB is proud to introduce the world’s first data privacy and protection system that grants users complete control. GDB integrates counter surveillance VPN, intelligent tools and software, distributed multi-location data storage with no backdoors, anonymous online payment and an intelligent data safe in a single, easy to manage system. Our system provides data privacy, secure storage, and automated backup – all under your personal control, anytime and anywhere.

Security Measures

24x7 protection by a world-class top tier cyber security service provider

11 layers of security infrastructure

Application layer, virtual layer, storage layer, data layer, OS layer, platform layer, server layer, physics layer, host computer layer, cloud layer, network layer, multi-point security foundation layer


Dual-factor authentication provides an additional layer of protection to guard against user impersonation


GreyNet (Counter surveillance VPN), SSL/TLS grade encryption, multi-protocol IP and traffic masking, secure data access, protection against hacking and surveillance

End to end encryption

The highest standard of data protection utilizing military-grade encryption technologies including RSA, AES, KDF, HMAC standards, integrated with 2FA dual-factor authentication for powerful protection through advanced encryption

Security Standards

Compliant with international ISO27001 and SOC2/3 standards, backed by third party
TUV SUD and TRUSTe audits and certification.

grey opinion

What is Privacy

Our lives can be broadly categorised into three segments: public, personal and private. The details and information of our private lives should be just that: private. Protecting our personal privacy should be an innate right – and is essential component of a civilized society.

Countries that hold personal privacy in high regard are often also the same countries known for their progressive reforms in human rights, democracy and freedom. A country can only offer its citizens true safety when it fully protects their personal privacy. On the contrary, nations that compromise their citizens’ privacy in the name of “national security” offer little of either.