Securing all your privacy needs in a single app
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Securing all your privacy needs in a single app

Data Protection, Communication and Storage
Data Privacy and Security Service

Today, digitisation has grown to be an integral part of our society. However, where has all the digitised data that we have generated gone to? Who owns and controls our data? What are our digital data privacy and protection rights? Who manages our digital assets? What digital footprints have we left online?

To address the issues above and the grey areas of Internet data exploitation, GDB has launched the first data privacy and security protection service to allow users to regain control over their digital data.

11 layers of security infrastructure, backed by round-the-clock, internationally certified monitoring service.

GDB's user-controlled data protection system combines GreyNet secure VPN, encrypted intelligent data aggregation, multi-location distributed encrypted databases (with no backdoor), anonymous online payment to provide absolute user security. Built from the ground up to protect your personal and family data, all elements of the system are completely under your personal control.

2FA Dual Factor Authentication

GreyNet secure VPN

End-to-End Encryption

Data Inaccessible to Unauthorized Users

Permanent Erasure of Deleted Files

Encrypted Chat Function with Self-Destructing Messages

GreyApp collates and encrypts data instantly. Decryption is only possible with your own private key.
With GreyApp, you have complete control over every aspect of your personal data.
Surf the web anonymously, store important personal and work files, and enjoy the extra peace of mind with encrypted communications and automatic, backdoor-free real-time storage.

GreyApp Features

World's first innovative all-in-one data protection software.

Built around a core encryption algorithm, GreyApp provides a central point for scheduling, events, notebooks, voice and video recording, camera, email, instant messaging (IM), private chat, group chat, VoIP calling and GreyNet secure VPN. Its intelligent data collation software allows for seamless, secure switching between multiple functions:

  • Built-in GreyNet secure VPN
  • Single, personal private encryption/decryption key for unparalleled security
  • Automatic, secure deletion of past chat messages.
  • Free encrypted voice/video calls
  • Email-to-call and Email-to-IM, cross platform communications to non-GreyApp users
  • Real-time, encrypted communication data transfer, with simultaneous multi-node replication and distributed storage.

GreyNet secure VPN

GreyNet secure VPN helps you avoid unwanted surveillance by creating an encrypted tunnel to protect your IP (identity) and traffic (source) – allowing you to bypass government and enterprise firewalls, as well as prevent uninvited monitoring and data inspection. Our encrypted VPN channels also provide free, untraceable access to any website around the world.

GreyNet secure VPN is a "virtual net" that operates as a secure subsection of the Internet. Combining Internet standards and protocols with "blockchain" technology, GreyNet is an independently operated distributed network that supports communication, end-to-end encryption, anonymity, security and privacy. Creating value through data protection, GreyApp provides world-class defense against invasion and hacking while minimizing the possibility of interception and surveillance.

GDB believes that the integration and future development of the global economy requires an independently operated, globally trusted secure network with distributed, decentralized infrastructure.

Digital Asset Trust
Data Asset in Trust

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Security Software Exchange

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